2010 November

Kakewalk 3.0 released!

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Kakewalk 3.0 is finally done!.  You can download it from here.


- Added Chameleon RC5 r594
- Added support for P55-USB3
- Added Lnx2mac’s Realtek network driver
- USB method for installation no longer available. (It was too difficult to maintain two versions)
- Improved stability during installation with P55 chipset
- Fixed a lot of bugs
- New look

- Added support for X58A-UD3R
- Fixed sound with G41M-ES2L in 10.6.3
- Fixed issues with X58A-UD7 (Orange HDDs, Sound)

If you run into any problems please let me know in this thread.

Status update

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Kakewalk 3.0 is coming along nicely. I have to do some more  tests with the motherboards that I actually have access to and  we’re all set.

The USB install method will no longer be available. The  reason for that decision is simply that it got too difficult to  maintain both the CD and USB versions.

Expect a release before the weekend.

Stay tuned, mrjanek