Back to USB. Kakewalk 3.1 released.

Posted by | December 06, 2010 | Kakewalk | No Comments

Apparently almost everyone prefers the USB way instead of the disc based method.
I’m happy to say that it’s back and will be the only way of installing from now on! The disc based install was a bit troublesome and for some it spewed out random EBIOS errors. So, rejoice and sorry about the coasters :)

Download it from here.


- Added drivers for Nvidia “Fermi” cards (Experimental)
- Added Chameleon 2.0 rc5 r643
- USB method replacing CD method

- Added Chameleon RC5 r594
- Added support for P55-USB3
- Added Lnx2mac’s Realtek network driver
- USB method for installation no longer available. (It was too difficult to maintain two versions)
- Improved stability during installation with P55 chipset
- Fixed a lot of bugs
- New look

If you run into any problems (or have any suggestions) please let me know in this thread. Thanks!