Fast and simple

The sole purpose of Kakewalk is to make it as easy as possible to install OS X (Snow Leopard or Lion) on your PC. Kakewalk tries to remove all of the painful fiddling and tinkering so that you can get your hackintosh up and running within a few hours.


All of the devices found in the Kakewalk compatibility list have been reported to work in various hackintosh builds. The Kakewalk repository stores the unique files (DSDT.aml, Chameleon, etc) needed for specific motherboards so you don’t have worry about that.

Free forever

Kakewalk is a completly free hackintosh solution and is developed and maintained by me (mrjanek) in my spare time. If you wish to support Kakewalk then please consider donating. Your donations will help improve Kakewalk even further.

Kakewalk 4.5

A guide is included in the download to help you install Mac OS X with ease. It’s called hackintosh for a reason, so you might run into issues while installing. If you run into any issues then refer to the Help page and/or the Kakewalk forums.

Last updated: 2012/07/23
Download size: 810KB
Required to run: Mac OS X Lion or higher, 64-bit processor